Yishai Fleisher is an internationally-recognized lecturer, show host, analyst and columnist. He is the founder of Kumah, serves as Director of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva), and is the host of the popular “Yishai and Friends” talk show .

The Experience

Yishai’s eye-witness, first hand accounts of Israel’s most pivotal recent events provide audiences with insight into the real Israel. Yishai lived in Gaza at the time of the Disengagement, served as a reserve soldier in the Second Lebanon War, and now lives in the heart of international conflict in the settlement of Beit El, three kilometers from Ramallah. As a reporter, Yishai has covered Israel’s elections, demonstrations, and wars, yet he has also reported on the bright side of Israel by highlighting innovations, holiday celebrations, and the country’s economic and spiritual growth. Yishai’s intellectual approach gives listeners an insider’s glimpse into the workings of Israel, while his contagious positive outlook illuminates a vision of what Israel can become.

The Cause

Kumah (“Arise” in Hebrew) is dedicated to revitalizing Israel’s sense of Jewish pride and instilling the Jewish nation with a love of the land and a feeling of unity. Through a combination of education, advocacy, and grass roots activism, Kumah works to broadcast a political and cultural direction forward. Kumah’s efforts include drafting and lobbying laws in the Knesset, renovating heritage sites, creating educational tools, videos and music albums of cultural and idealogical value, and using the internet to disseminate information and inspiration to Israelis, Jews, and lovers of Israel worldwide. Kumah is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

The Credentials

Yishai has been a featured guest on CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, NPR, and Xinhua, and published by the Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, and World Net Daily, among others. Yishai has addressed the Knesset Aliyah Forum, the Jerusalem Conference, the World Conference of the Noahide Nations, the Israel’s Blogger Convention, the Havat Gilad political forum and an array of other organizations and events. Yishai was seventh on the Immigration Party list in the 2006 Israeli elections and is currently lobbying a bill in Knesset called “Aliyah Day” .

Prior to returning to Israel with his wife, Malkah, in 2003, Yishai served as a Paratrooper in the IDF, worked in the media response team at AIPAC, conducted research at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, taught Judaism to 3rd graders at Temple Emanu-El in NYC, and led four Birthright groups to Israel. A graduate of Cardozo Law School, Yishai speaks fluent English, Hebrew and Russian.

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About “Eye on Zion”

The “Eye on Zion” Tour is an education and outreach project of Kumah. Kumah (“Arise” in Hebrew) is dedicated to revitalizing Israel’s sense of Jewish pride, instilling the Jewish nation with a love of the land and a feeling of unity, and connecting the world to the miracle of Israel.

For information call or email the tour coordinator – Yocheved Seidman – at 773-597-7690 Yocheved@EyeOnZion.com